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Quickerbybike.com is a campaign to promote cycling to non-cyclists
& decent cycling to existing cyclists.

If you commute to work or school but not by bike,
would you consider switching?

It's probably quicker, healthier, more friendly, more independent, cheaper, quieter & brighter.

If you already ride, would you promote cycling via your shorts?

If you ride like a bit of a wally, running red lights & annoying other road users,

would you wear the shorts and ride decently?

Friday 14 October 2011

A new way to communicate. Help needed!

There's a big queue of traffic outside my office window as I type.  I started Quickerbybike.com after riding past this queue every day.  Queue is still going strong.  Same drivers?

On the plus side, I see loads of cyclists these days.  Way more than before.

The quickerbybike.com shorts are a way to communicate with motorists and point out the alternative and encourage them to switch.

And I hope we're reaching some.  But it'd be great to reach more.

So I'm going to get a sign, like this clicky made up and I'll plonk it next to the road each morning.  You might be thinking that this is hardly thinking big.  True enough.

So what should the new sign look like and say?  Please help me!  Tweet or email your ideas to martin at quickerbybike dot com.

It mustn't be smug.  It will include the quickerbybike logo, nice and big.  Then perhaps the simple message: "Let me help you to cycle instead of driving.".

I'm going to leave an area white so I can write different messages each week.  Suggestions for this would be great too.  Perhaps we can have a weekly poll.

But please - what should the main, printed sign say?

Maybe even just the logo and a big question-mark?

Thanks in anticipation.

1 comment:

JonoAdams said...

Hey Martin,

Did you ever put the sign up outside your office? What was the impact?

See you soon,