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Wednesday 18 November 2009

Brompton S2L review

Yup, there's a new, bright green folding addition to the quickerbybike stable.

It's bloody brilliant!

Seen here ridden by my rival for the the Gherkin 1-lap TT (which I won. GET IN!).

Though the bike is fast and nimble, it's hard to take yourself entirely seriously when you're riding it, so it's full of fun.

I've had children grinning and pointing at me as I fly past.

I've taken it on buses and trains. I've taken it to pubs and restaurants. I take it to meetings with work. I love it. I always arrive grinning and bright and ready to work.

The other plus is that people can't help liking it and liking you on it. How can you help being kindly inclined towards a grinning man on a little bright green bike?

I can't recommend this bike highly enough. Worth every penny.
Top tip: do not pedal through corners.