Would you be quickerbybike?

Quickerbybike.com is a campaign to promote cycling to non-cyclists
& decent cycling to existing cyclists.

If you commute to work or school but not by bike,
would you consider switching?

It's probably quicker, healthier, more friendly, more independent, cheaper, quieter & brighter.

If you already ride, would you promote cycling via your shorts?

If you ride like a bit of a wally, running red lights & annoying other road users,

would you wear the shorts and ride decently?

Monday 20 October 2008

Jamie Cameron in action at Gorrick 12-12

Jamie placed 3rd in the solo event at the Gorrick 12-12 over the first October weekend, flying the quickerbybike flag.

Next season quickerbybike.com will be a registered club, with a few riders representing us at mountain bike events, time trials and triathlons.

Wednesday 1 October 2008

How long can you go without re-fuelling?

I confess I have a car. However, I'm trying to abandon it. The last time I went to use it, the handbrake was rusted on so now I leave it off.

Two things are driving me to ditch my car. The first is a childish and geeky sort of competition I'm having with myself to see how long I can go without having to stand guiltily at a petrol station, pumping fuel into the thing. I filled it on Monday 29th September - anyone wanna compete with me for the longest interval before re-filling?

The second reason is a genuine reluctance to be in a car. I feel such an idiot these days when I find myself either stuck in traffic or spending £50 on fuel. In fact even a hassle-free car jouney feels wasteful to me these days. Plus I properly enjoy being on trains and busses.

I hope someone will compete with me on the fuel thing.