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Friday 29 October 2010

Big Society: litter collection service.

In my capacity as a bloody-do-gooder I pick up other people's litter. Do you?

On a fell in the Lake District you can't help it. It's obviously too miserable, ugly and depressing to see a Coke can perched on a tuft of heather. So you stuff it in your bag. Of course you do. It drives you mental to think that anyone could be so pigging stupid as to leave it there that you take it away, trying to make it all better.

But I've got the habit and can't now walk past the same Coke can in suburbia.

I've scooped up armfulls of Happy Meal packaging from the floor of the 65 bus. I've picked up an abandoned punnet of chips from outside the kebab shop and walked it the 6 metres that was needed to get it to a bin. I've collected up TK Max bags, together with the dumped clothes hangers and packaging from the floor of a train. I've picked-up, emptied and binned / recycled dozens of Stella, Red Bull, Iron-Bru and coke cans.

Of course people do stare. So much the better.

I've even picked up the litter as soon as I've seen it dropped and offered to put it in the bin for the litterer. (how annoying am i?) Would you believe he said "No, give us it back mate, I'll do it myself".

I did a quick google search for an image to go with this post but spotted this:


The campaign I was going to suggest sort of already exists.

Though I don't think it has to be organised. Anyone else up for picking up other people's litter? If everybody who thinks litter's minging simply picked it up and binned it now and then, it'd go away wouldn't it? Maybe even if litter-droppers saw normal people picking up crap from the street, they'd think it could be worth making the streets an attractive place to be.


Thursday 28 October 2010

Already joined the MOOvement!

Well whadya know, my MP was already part of the MOOvement (see post below).


That's Richmond and Kingston sorted, what about where you live?

Tuesday 26 October 2010

Join the MOOvement.

Funny video. Serious point.

They've made it very easy. Twenty seconds to change thinking it's worth doing something about to doing something about it.


Thursday 21 October 2010

The Endura elves are busy making our new kit.

Many thanks to all those who ordered kit. £1,704 worth of it is being put together at Endura as I type.

It turns out my charitable contribution will go a little further than the postage on the lycra (and the postage on Chris's shorts - he lives in New Zealand!) as I failed to anticipate the VAT on the Lycra kit.

What a plonker.

Nobody would pay £47 for a pair of bib shorts would they! They're great shorts but still...

So we're all waiting. Seven weeks is the current lead for the lycra kit. Less for the baggies.

Thanks again.


Tuesday 19 October 2010

Dynamo Club Champs

Quickerbybike were at the Dynamo Club Champs at the weekend, wearing a lot of clothes, drinking tea, eating cake and taking photos. Well done to Mike and Cammers for getting away from a strong bunch.
More pictures here:

Thursday 14 October 2010

My weekend and the Little Green Bike


Home-Green Bike-Kew Gardens-65 Bus - Green bike -Home - Green Bike - Train - Earlsfield - Green Bike - Tooting - Green Bike - Earlsfield - Green bike - Tooting (party!)


Green bike - Earlsfield - Train - Green bike - Home - Green bike - Surbiton - Train - Woldingham - Green Bike - Bec Hill Climb (see photo of face to remember above) - Green Bike - Woldingham - Train - Earlsfield - Green Bike - tea with friends - Green bike - Train - Waterloo - Green Bike - Dinner with friends - Green bike - Waterloo - Train - Green bike - home.

Without the Green bike, that's an impossible weekend. With the green bike it's a doddle.

At the Bec Hill Climb I saw a 15 year old school boy beat all the professionals. Germain Burton - remember that name.

Thursday 7 October 2010

New quickerbybike.com kit order.

I'm ordering more quickerbybike.com kit.

But I'm doing it to order because otherwise it just won't happen.

So if you're keen , please email me with what you want and pay me. Stuff will follow a few weeks later.

Kit is all from Endura. Lycra is their team kit, baggies are Singletrack, embroidered with the quickerbybike.com logo.

Lycra Road Jersey (short sleeve, short zip) (xs, s, m, l) £35
Lycra bib shorts (s, m, l, xl) £40
Lycra bib shorts (girl specific) (xs, s, m, l) £40
Shorts (girls only - no bib) (xs, s, m, l) £36
Men's Singletrack short. (s, m, l, xl) £30
Women's Singletrack short. (xs, s, m, l) £30

Lycra prices above are just the Endura Team Kit prices - I'll pay the postage. Prices for baggies are: trade price + embroidery, plus postage.

Scroll down the blog for pictures of the kit. Visit http://www.endura.co.uk/ for any technical or sizing information on the kit.

So if you're after some kit, please email me and let me know what you want. I'll give you the bank details and you can pay me when you order, then you'll just have to bloody wait!