Would you be quickerbybike?

Quickerbybike.com is a campaign to promote cycling to non-cyclists
& decent cycling to existing cyclists.

If you commute to work or school but not by bike,
would you consider switching?

It's probably quicker, healthier, more friendly, more independent, cheaper, quieter & brighter.

If you already ride, would you promote cycling via your shorts?

If you ride like a bit of a wally, running red lights & annoying other road users,

would you wear the shorts and ride decently?

Wednesday 23 January 2013

New lycra kit is in production.

The new batch of lycra quickerbybike.com kit is now in production, due to be ready for sale 2nd week of February.

The kit is much improved with more and larger logos.

Jersey looks like this:
and shorts look like this:
The kit will be available to buy direct from http://www.yourclubshop.co.uk/ which makes my life far easier and your deliveries far more reliable.

Happy days.  I hope the entire new batch will be out and about on bums on bikes, passing traffic, before the summer comes.