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Thursday 14 April 2011

Ues rechargeable batteries!

My friend Phil has a very reliable moral compass.  He reckons in 50 years time people will look back at the wastefull way we live now and find it just as astonishing and deplorable as we now find the idea of a slave trade.

Maybe that's going a bit far.

But having someone make you a new battery (having mined all the materials and manufactured each cel for you) every time your old one runs out isn't very cool.

Get a recharger and buy rechargeable batteries!  If you want a selfish reason to do so: they're much cheaper in the long run and....you can charge them at work!  Free power.

Go on, use the last of your evil throw-aways, recycle them properly and then sort yourself out with some rechargeables for next winter.  You can have a hug from me if you do.

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