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Thursday 6 January 2011

No junk mail please! (again)

I recently visited a Royal Mail depot in Surrey.  It was huge.  Perhaps the size of five football pitches and with five or six large industrial sheds.  It was serviced by a fleet of twenty or thirty articulated lorries.

The sole purpose of this depot was to distribute junk mail.

You have to work quite hard to stop receiving junk mail.  Three steps.  Here they are:
  1. "No junk mail" sticker.  You can usually get these free from your council.
    If you live in Richmond and Twickenham http://tinyurl.com/2uhk7g3
    If you live in Wandsworth http://tinyurl.com/396q4js
  2. Register with the Mail Preference Service.  http://www.mpsonline.org.uk/mpsr/
  3. The most difficult but perhaps the most important is to opt out of Royal Mail door to door deliveries.  Royal Mail deliver tonnes of unaddressed mail for their clients.  To opt out you must email them at optout@royalmail.com and they will send you a form.  Fill the form out and send it back.  Scandalously, this will only last two years, after which the junk from Royal Mail will start reappearing, so you have to register again.
And then you're done.  You no longer have to pick up piles of rain-forest from your doorstep and carry it to your recycling bin.

Doin't you think it's a bit scary that you have to take the above steps to avoid the default situation?  With the default situation being that a huge industry toils away to deliver stuff nobody wants.

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