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Thursday 14 October 2010

My weekend and the Little Green Bike


Home-Green Bike-Kew Gardens-65 Bus - Green bike -Home - Green Bike - Train - Earlsfield - Green Bike - Tooting - Green Bike - Earlsfield - Green bike - Tooting (party!)


Green bike - Earlsfield - Train - Green bike - Home - Green bike - Surbiton - Train - Woldingham - Green Bike - Bec Hill Climb (see photo of face to remember above) - Green Bike - Woldingham - Train - Earlsfield - Green Bike - tea with friends - Green bike - Train - Waterloo - Green Bike - Dinner with friends - Green bike - Waterloo - Train - Green bike - home.

Without the Green bike, that's an impossible weekend. With the green bike it's a doddle.

At the Bec Hill Climb I saw a 15 year old school boy beat all the professionals. Germain Burton - remember that name.

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