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Tuesday 24 June 2008

Mrs Leggy's commute questionnaire answers

Mrs Leggy rides to work 10k each way every day between North West London and Central London. She’s a lycra-wearing triathlete for the journey but must be smart for her job, which is something serious, clever and important.

Here’s how she answered my questions:

Boy or girl? Girl
How old are you? 29
Where do you live? North West London
What type of bike do you ride? Monoc racing bike

What type of ride is it? Park roads / central London
How far is your ride? To work 10k each way. Pretend to train
Between where & where? NW to EC
How many days a week? Every day
Winter and summer? Yep
What do you do when it rains? Get wet on the bike
Have you got a shower at work? Yes
What do you do for breakfast? Normally have it at home, sometimes at work
What do you wear to ride? Bike clothes, lycra all the way!
What do you do with your work clothes? I have a cabinet full of clothes, transport on bike, sometimes take in bulk. Take home each day to wash.
How do you travel on the days you don’t ride? Run or tube
How often do you get punctures? Hope this wont jinx it, but not that often (go through phases)
Can you fix a puncture? Yes
How long does that take? About 10 mins (pathetic I know)

Does riding make you cheerful? Oh yeah
Rank these for bright they make you feel: train/tube/car/bus/bike Bike / car / train / tube
Do you wave “hello” to other cycle commuters? I nod to others , rarely wave
Does getting rained on when you ride make you miserable? Yep , especially when washed my hair
Is cycling cheaper than driving? Yeah probably
Is riding more reliable, time wise than car/train/bus? Yes
Do you resent driving or catching the train/tube/bus when you have to? Yes
Do you daydream whilst you ride? Sometimes
Do you feel safe as you ride? Most of the time
Is riding ever a hassle? Only when I have loads to carry
Do you own a car? Yes
Is cycling the only transport you can afford? No
Do you ride to keep fit? Yes
Do you ride to train for racing? Yes
Do you ride for the environment? Not really


RJL said...

I've seen Mrs Leggy on her bike and she looks super cool if you ask me!

quickerbybike.com said...

Super cool?

Are you absolutely sure she'd be pleased with that Leggy?

Thanks for being the first person to comment on the blog. The start of something huge?